Lavender Love Salt Soap

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These heavenly lavender scented salt bars were a custom order for a wedding party. Pure sea salt bar soap and lavender essential oil make these perfect for those exciting wedding days.

Lavender is perfect  for skin.  It is antiseptic and anti-fungal.  It is also anti-inflammatory and increases circulation.  If that wasn’t enough it has soothing and calming properties.

Just as lavender is good for the body it’s also great for the mind.  It reduces stress and relaxes brain waves.  It can act as a mild sedative and reduce nervous tension.

Check out our Lavender Love Bath Salts, the perfect compliment to the Lavender Love Salt Soap.

2.5 oz bar. These bars last forever because of the salt.

*We always use pure essential oils. Please be aware that lavender needs to be the real thing (essential oil or the plant) in order to be effective.  Fragrance oil will not have the same effect, in fact it could do the opposite because of the toxic chemicals used to create fragrances.

Let us know if you have a shape preference.

INGREDIENTS : Coconut oil, water, sea salt,   sodium hydroxide, lavender essential oil


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