Magic dish soap 4 oz sample


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My lovely friend created this dish soap. It has to be one of the most amazing dish soaps out there. When she first gave me some to try I was very skeptical that it would work. Let’s face it it’s hard to beat a commercial, chemical filled, dish detergent! For this version we have used our own cleaning soap as the base. This dish soap is great for greasy things and incredible on stove tops!

*Please note this soap is unscented. You can easily scent it with the essential oil of your choice. I would recommended 15-40 drops of essential oil per 2 cups of dish soap. How much oil you use will be affected by personal choice and how strong the scent you choose is.

**This product contains Sodium Phosphate Tribasic Dodecahydrate which is why it works so well. This is a detergent and not a soap. We have done some research on this product and believe it to be safe and to have very low toxicity. Over all this soap is much safer than commercially available dish detergents.

***This product will ship in a stand alone zip style bag.

INGREDIENTS: Water, cleaning soap, castile soap, sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate tribasic dodecahydrate, glycerin

Brandie was one of our testers for the Magic Dish Soap. This is what she had to say. “I tried the soap on the cooktop.  It seems to do the same job as the cooktop cleaner I usually buy.  I do not clean that off enough so needless to say I could not get it ALL off.  But, I did try it on the hood above the stove. It got rid of the dirt and grime on the top part.”


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