Chocolate Orange Soap

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For many Terry’s Chocolate Oranges brings fond memories of Christmas and chocolatey orange goodness. (If you have never tried one I would definitely follow the link and order one. They are  a lot of fun.) This soap is reminiscent of those chocolate oranges. The soap oil base has a large amount of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter smells good enough to eat and carries it’s chocolate scent in the soap. To give that yummy chocolatey color we used real cocoa powder. To round out all that chocolate we added orange essential oil. This soap looks and smells good enough to eat.

5-6 oz bars

This would be the perfect Christmas gift. You might also like our Hot Chocolate soap or our Chocolate Mint soap.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Water, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor oil, Cocoa powder, Kaolin clay, Orange essential oil


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