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The Leist Family

Our beautiful family has chosen to withdraw from their adoption. It was a painful decision and not one made lightly. Our prayers are with them as they move forward.

I wanted to give you a little background on the family we are helping. This beautiful family has been in process since 2013 to bring their children home. They have had adoption losses, been swindled out of their money and had their children’s birth country halt adoptions. It’s been a long and expensive road. The Congo has begun allowing adoptions and the Leist family wants to be ready when it’s their turn.

Every purchase from Little Red Hen will help them fund their adoption. With 100% of the profits going towards the costs, this can make a significant difference.

If you would like to donate directly you can do so on their Go Fund Me page or by sending a check to

Laurel Valley Baptist Church
C/O Leist Adoption
8070 Stoutsville Pike
Circleville, OH 43113

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Milk, it’s not just a drink

Great skin starts on the inside but milk soap will help you nourish your skin while you bathe. Using milk in skin care products isn’t new and that is one of the reasons we want to offer it in our products. Ingredients that have stood the test of time usually have proven reasons behind them. The pH of milk soap is very close to the natural pH of human skin. This means we can make a product that nourishes your skin without the use of chemicals and toxins. Typically even people with sensitive skin and eczema find a milk soap to be gentle enough for their skin.

All animal milk contains lactic acid. Commercial chemical peels often contain large concentrations of lactic acid. The amount of lactic acid in soap is just enough to very gently exfoliate dead skin. This gentle exfoliation leave the skin looking healthy.

Milk naturally contains milk fat, triglycerides and vitamins and minerals when it’s used in soap it helps to moisturize the skin. Milk also contains natural glycerin, another effective moisturizer, which is often removed by commercial soap manufacturers. (They can sell the glycerin as a separate product.)

Our raw milk comes from organic, grass-fed cows. The beauty of raw whole milk is that it contains all of it’s wholesome goodness with none of it removed. Grass-fed cows produce a milk higher in all of the vitamins, minerals and fats that we need with out any of the “icky” stuff. It allows us to make a high end final product.