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Super fating, Super what?

I am sure many of you are wondering what super fating is and why we are even talking about it. Let me give you a little soap making history. soap-makingTraditionally soap was made from animal fat and lye, very much like we make ours today. The biggest difference was in the type of lye and the amount of fat being used. Traditional lye was made from the ashes from a fire and water. The ash was put into a tub of water and left to sit. After the ash was filtered out this left you with a lye water of sorts. The lye water was then added to fat to make the soap. The problem was it was difficult to measure the amount of lye in the water and soapers could end up with a bar that would burn skin. Today soapers can purchase lye specifically for making soap. It has a known and measurable amount of lye and when combined with a digital scale ensures that you get a safe bar of soap every time. saop-2This is where super fating comes in. Super fating creates a user error buffer. Soap recipes today are created to have 5% to 10% more fat than they need just to make sure that the bar has no chance to burn someones skin. It also ensures that there is just enough extra oils to moisturize your skin. Super fating and high quality fats and oils are one of the reasons Little Red Hen’s soaps are so great for your skin.

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Maisha Africa

I am so pleased to introduce you to Maisha Africa. This is the organization that much of our fundraising is for. I met their director, Praise,  several years ago on my first trip to Africa. I was so impressed with her life story and her passion for the orphan that I knew I wanted to be a part of what she was doing. I am thrilled to be a part of helping her with her life’s work.

Maisha means Life! What could be better than bring life and living life with those who are vulnerable? 


This is what Maisha has to say about themselves.

” We walk alongside children and youth so that they can achieve their full potential. We do this by impacting their lives, families and communities.

 We care for orphans and vulnerable children, provide education and invest into holistic community development and family strengthening in order to prevent orphans and give children hope and a future.

All projects serve our goal of children growing up in loving, stable homes, receiving a good education and medical care. This will enable the children to positively impact their country when they grow up.  At the same time, we endeavour to change the children’s environment by investing into their lives, families and communities. “

Our hope is to help Maisha Africa start a piggery. This will allow them to become sustainable. By purchasing your soap needs from Little Red Hen Soap you can be a part of making this a reality. Thank you for partnering with us.

*A few of our soaps are custom made for adoptions and other fundraisers and are not part of the Maisha Africa fundraiser. These soaps are clearly marked.