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Bourbon Whiskey Soap has to be my favorite scent so far.  My friend calls it a “second whiff” soap.  After your first deep sniff your brain registers the blend of scents and you find yourself going back for another and then another.  Juniper’s fir scent blends with the light citrus scent of grapefruit and ylang ylang’s heady sweetness.  Add to that the warm scent of fresh ground vanilla beans.  It’s perfect for a man or a woman.  Of course, this soap is also nourishing for your skin. These are 5 oz bars. This soap pairs well with our Juniper Berry soap. It makes a great gift set.

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil,  coconut oil, water,  sodium hydroxide,  avocado oil,  shea butter,  bourbon whiskey,  grapefruit essential oil,  vanilla beans powder,  juniper essential oil,  ylang ylang essential oil,  almond fragrance oil


*Please note this has almond fragrance oil,  it is not an essential oil.


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