God’s Gift of Family, a book by Brenda Jank



I want to introduce you all to one of the best adoption stories for families and it’s author, Brenda Jank. She is one of my favorite people and her love of adoption has changed my life. Brenda found that while so many books focused on the love families have for bio-kids or adopted kids but there weren’t many books about the love families have for each other regardless of how the family was formed. This book does that! Best of all the profits from this book are being donated 100% to vulnerable children! Brenda has kindly offered to give the profits of the books we sell to Children First in Haiti.  Right now our Haiti kiddos are so vulnerable and have such huge needs, your purchase can help change a life.

Curious about this book? Check out this link God’s Gift of Family

This is a video of Brenda telling her story and how she came to write God’s Gift of  Family.

From the publisher

Every family is different. Some families are formed through birth, others through adoption, some through marriage, and still others through fostering or inter-generational means. Not every family is created in the same way, but every family is created by God.

God’s Gift of Family is especially for blended families, a book that speaks to families who have welcomed children home through any means, and celebrates the making of a family – the miracle, joy, and love – from a distinctly faith-based vantage point.



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