Tallow Lip Balm


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Are you looking for a super natural lip balm? Something your lips will adore? Look no further, Tallow Lip Balm has everything you want.

Did you know:

  • Grass fed tallow is high in minerals and vitamins.
  • Grass fed tallow matches the fatty acids in your skin by up to 94%. Which means it’s moisturizing abilities are superb.
  • Our tallow lip balms are scented with essential oils making them super clean and non-toxic.
  • Grass fed tallow lip balms are safe for lips of all ages, even babies. They are safe enough to eat.
  • Our grass fed tallow comes from an Amish farmer who has been practicing organic farming for decades. He had organic certification until recently when it became to costly.
  • Our tallow comes from heritage breed cows who were pasture raised and carry the A2 gene.
  • This lip balm is a favorite of people who have had cancer treatments.

INGREDIENTS: Grass fed tallow, Olive oil, Essential oils



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