Dead Sea Mud



Dead sea mud has a high concentration of minerals and salts. It is exceptionally high in magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. Dead sea mud should be in everyone’s bathroom, it’s that versatile. Here are our favorite uses for dead sea mud.

  1.  MASK: Using dead sea mud as a mask can help control acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. Dead sea mud is healing for skin because it contains a very high concentration of minerals and salts and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties . *To use as a mask simply apply a thin layer to the skin and allow to dry. Gently rinse off and pat dry. Use 1-3 times a week.
  2. SCALP: Dead sea mud can help reduce dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and hair loss. It gently removes impurities and softens hair. * To use wet hair and apply the dead sea mud directly to your scalp, working it out to the ends of the hair. Allow the mud to rest on the scalp for 15-30 minutes. Wash you hair as normal. Use once a week or less.
  3. ARTHRITIS: Because of it’s high mineral content dead sea mud helps ease arthritis pain by increasing circulation and relaxing muscles. *To use warm GENTLY in a microwave or place the glass jar in a pan of warm water. Wait for it to cool if it gets too hot. Apply WARM dead sea mud to affected areas. For extra healing you can wrap warm towels, a rice sock, or a heating pad around the area. Leave on until it cools or until your done. Rinse and pat dry.
  4. EXFOLIATION: Dead sea mud is the perfect way to exfoliate your whole body. It’s very gentle and suitable for all skin types. *To use simply dilute the mud and rub gently over the desired area. You can allow it to dry or simply rinse off.

*The water and the dead sea mud tend to separate after a bit, please stir before using.

INGREDIENTS: Dead sea mud, Dead sea mud water, Preservative

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