Grass-fed Tallow Soap


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Tallow (animal fat, grass fed cattle in our case) makes the best well balanced soap. This hard white bar is gentle and conditioning with a rich creamy lather.  Because it is such a hard bar it lasts a long time too.

Because of access to commercially made lye this is not your grandmother’s soap. ¬†Our grandmothers made their lye from ash and water over a fire outdoors. This meant there were huge variations in the strength of the lye itself. Another major difference is today’s soapers use lye calculators to determine how much lye to use. Most soapers also add an extra percentage of fat to their soaps in order to ensure a moisturizing soap.

The tallow we use comes from grass fed cows. I like using the tallow for 2 reasons. 1. If we didn’t use the tallow it would then become a waste product. 2. Our tallow is very high quality because of the diet the cows eat. I think it makes a superb product.

INGREDIENTS: Grass fed tallow, water, sodium hydroxide






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