Naturally Clean Shampoo Bar


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Wether you have a sensitive scalp or just want something very natural, Naturally Clean is for you. Here at LRH we have fallen in love with our shampoo bars and based on our sales our customers love them too! They lather so nicely and clean so gently. One of our customers struggles with seborrheic dermatitis and while she loved our current shampoo bars she wondered if we could create a shampoo bar for her extra sensitive scalp. We created Naturally Clean just for her. Naturally Clean has our regular shampoo base along with the healing from lavender and tea tree essential oils. The essential oils are used at half our normal dilution to ensure the scalp is not further irritated. This shampoo does not contain any micas or natural colorants to further reduce potential irritation. Our testers, with and without scalp irritations, have declared this shampoo bar to be a new favorite.

Please note this shampoo bar may not cure but it can help with scalp irritations.

Each 5-6 ounce bar

INGREDIENTS: Grass-fed tallow, Coconut oil, Water, Shea butter, Castor oil, Olive oil, Sodium hydroxide, Lavender essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil,  Kaolin clay

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