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Silk hair rinse works to smooth the hair shaft after a natural shampoo has opened them up (picture brushing scales backwards). Hair can be come coarse and tangled if you fail to smooth the shafts back down after using natural shampoos.  This Silk Hair Rinse helps “tone” your hair by closing your hair shafts. The silk adds a lovely slip and shine. Our Hair Rinse is a convenient easy to use powder with virtually no scent.

SILK: Silk naturally manages moisture, allowing skin to attract moisture when it’s dry and release it when it’s humid. It will add bounce and shine to hair, along with a silky sheen.

ACID: The acid in this hair rinse comes from citric acid. It acts like a “toner” for your hair, closing the hair shafts.

INGREDIENTS: Citric acid, Silk

 To use dissolve 1/4 tsp of silk hair rinse in a scant cup of warm water, pour or spray over your hair. There is no need to rinse this out. Style your hair as usual.
You will need to use a rinse on your hair at least once a week but possibly every few days depending on your hair type.
This 30 g package is enough to do 30+ rinses.

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