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Have you been looking for a healthier alternative to tooth paste! Look no further, tooth powder has been around for centuries! It really shines in removing surface stains and controlling gingivitis. (See the studies here and here for more information. ) I personally like it because of its basic ingredient list and because my teeth feel cleaner when I use it. Many people believe that teeth can heal the enamel if they are given what they need to do so. I highly recommend adding real sea salt and raw sugar for their mineral content, as well as raw milk and fat soluble vitamins to your diet to help provide your saliva with what it needs to heal your teeth.  Because I am not a doctor here are some links that will help you determine if this is right for you. 

Wellness Mama (Wellness Mama has a whole lot of information as well as her personal story. She has a basic recipe that you can make yourself.)

Whole Health Source (The science behind healing your teeth)

Cure Tooth Decay (This is a great book *affiliate link*)

Weston Price Foundation (So much good information here)

INGREDIENTS: Calcium carbonate powder, Diatomaceous earth, Baking soda, Xylitol powder (from Birch), Essential oils

3 Different ways to use tooth powder, choose the one that best suits you.

  1. Dip your slightly damp brush into the powder and gently brush your teeth. You can rinse or leave the powder on your teeth as it is safe to swallow.
  2. Put your tooth powder into a small spice jar with a small opening and shake onto your slightly damp toothbrush. After gently brushing your teeth you can rinse or leave the powder in your mouth.
  3. If the powder isn’t to your liking you can mix it with coconut oil and brush as you would with a traditional toothpaste.

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cinnamon, mint, ora wellness blend


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