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Lets face it, “natural” deodorants are a mixed bag. Some work well and others, well…not so much. Add to that the somewhat questionable ingredients in “natural” deodorants and you are left thinking “This is better than regular deodorant but still not that great”. Our deodorant is not only safe for your body it actually works. 80% of our testers were happy with how it performed.

Probiotics are often ingested to help  populate the gut with healthy bacteria. Probiotics are now being added to deodorants to help regulate the bacteria on the skin. Less bad bacteria equals less odor.

Kaolin clay is used because of it’s ability to absorb toxins. A gentle clay it is safe for all skin types. Kaolin clay also helps encourage circulation.

This deodorant is unscented but still very effective. We will happily scent it to the scent of your choice, just leave a note at check out.

To use apply to the underarm area and allow this to soak into the skin for at least 2 minutes. This makes sure the oils are on your skin not on your clothing.

2.2 oz twist up deodorant

INGREDIENTS: Arrowroot powder, Kaolin, Shea butter, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Probiotics, Scent of choice

*Please note this is a deodorant only it will not act as an antiperspirant.

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  1. Christin N.

    I am a nurse and I sometimes work 8-12 hour grueling shifts. Since using this deodorant I do not have any unpleasant body odor at the end of my shift.

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